Misc #3: Useful blogs, plugins & sites for March 2015

In this post I am going to share some of the blogs, plugins & sites related to jQuery, Javascript, AngularJS and others that I came across in March, 2015.

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Miscellaneous #2: 25k views on my blog

I had started my blog on June 22, 2013 with an aim of sharing my jQuery knowledge, that I have gained by practical experience in the field of web-development, with wider audience. And finally, I have got 25k views in total after 6 months of hard work and dedication. That too on New Year’s Eve 2013. I am absolutely delighted to have got over the first hurdle, but I am only too well aware that this is just the beginning.
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Miscellaneous #1: CascadiaJS 2013

Today I am not going to explain about any new jQuery  tip  or  trick , which I usually do on this blog, but instead I am going to post some videos which I watched recently from  CascadiaJS 2013 . For those who are not aware of CascadiaJS, CascadiaJS is actually a two-day conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript. Browser, server, OS – they cover it all.

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