Misc #4: Useful blogs, plugins & sites for June 2015

In this post I am going to share some of the blogs, plugins & sites related to jQuery, Javascript, AngularJS and others that I came across in June, 2015.

  1. Handling 15,000 CDN Requests/Sec: The Growth Behind jQuery
  2. OSCON: How Instagram.com Works; Pete Hunt
  3. 15 Directives to Extend Your Angular.js Apps
  4. “Supercharging page load” by @jaffathecake with async JS loading, inlining CSS, loadCSS, service worker, & streams
  5. ES6 In Depth: Rest Parameters and Defaults
  6. Chrome 43 is out with the fetch API. Semantics aside, it’s 100x better than XMLHttpRequest
  7. bling.js: Getting The $ of jQuery Without The jQuery
  8. Zoomwall-js | A photo gallery using a horizontal masonry
  9. Call Controller Action Method From jQuery Using Ajax
  10. Tiny Colorpicker | A lightweight cross browser color picker
  11. Weather on Google Maps : jQuery Plugin
  12. 30+ Libraries & JQuery Plugins For Form Validation
  13. vSort | jQuery plugin to make lists sortable with a handle
  14. 18 Best Free Calendar and Datepicker jQuery Plugins for Developers
  15. A Guide To Transclusion in AngularJS
  16. Custom DropDown Control Using Bootstrap and AngularJS
  17. AngularJS Testing: Bootstrap Blocks, Routes, Events, and Animations
  18. AngularJS In Firefox: TypeError: Missing Argument 1 When Calling Function b.get()
  19. Understanding Asynchronous Invocation With Promise Using AngularJS
  20. Javascript in one pic

Hope it helps. Happy Coding 🙂


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