Misc #3: Useful blogs, plugins & sites for March 2015

In this post I am going to share some of the blogs, plugins & sites related to jQuery, Javascript, AngularJS and others that I came across in March, 2015.

  1. A Baseline for Front-End [JS] Developers: 2015
  2. popconfirm: A simple action confirmation plugin for jQuery based on Twitter Bootstrap Popover
  3. Explorations In Automatically Fixing JavaScript Linting-errors
  4. memory-stats.js: small script for monitoring JS heap size right inside the page
  5. Let’s Write Fast JavaScript: A few interesting JavaScript benchmarks and tips
  6. Esprima 2.0 Released: widely used JavaScript parser that powers many code analysis tools
  7. Why Am I So Excited About AngularU?
  8. Serially Iterating An Array, Asynchronously
  9. A Preview of Angular 2 and TypeScript in Visual Studio
  10. selectize.js: Selectize is an extensible jQuery-based custom UI control
  11. Measuring JavaScript Performance with console.time
  12. Directives in AngularJS simplified with examples: Part 1
  13. Another 9 Ways to Optimize Your Front End Performance
  14. DOMListener: a DevTools extension for monitoring DOM changes
  15. ESLint 0.16.0 released with Complete ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support

Hope it helps. Happy Coding 🙂


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